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The SMM Solar module (370 to 700 Wp) is composed by a plurality of monocrystalline or polycrystalline cells in series, combined with two layers of EVA, glass, a backsheet and  a frame. It has the very stable power generation efficiency up to 23%.

Due to the following factors such as stability, safety, and a competitive price, the SMM Solar modules are widely spread and installed in the industrial and commercial roofs, ground power stations, household and poverty alleviation power stations.

The TopCon solar panels are produced on a 100% automatic production line with a capacity of 3000 MW per year. All products are certified by the international standards TÜV and ISO. For every product offered by SMM Solar, we have the strict manufacturing process, the quality inspection process and the testing process.

We pay great attention to every detail, from the selection of the components’ suppliers and ending with the training our customers’ personnel.

Our company also provides the adaptable turnkey solar photovoltaic energy solutions in Armenia and Ukraine up to 30 MW, which enable our customers to generate clean affordable energy, with low maintenance cost, tailored to the needs of their projects and environment.

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